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Hello, David here, thanks for making a great YouTube channel and a great community. I have been watching the videos for a while now and have a small mining operation in our basement. I am looking forward to an exciting 2021 in mining

Hey there, Virgilio from Spain - interested in crypto since 2014, never had a rig or mined anything.

i come from Thailand, and newbie to leaning, Thanks for support all :blush: :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :man_health_worker:t2:

Hello All,

My name is Bobby C. From California, I’m new to crypto currency. I stumbled across Voscoin in YouTube and saw how informative he is and I got hooked on learning how to mine crypto currency.

If anyone can lend me a hand in learning more about crypto currency I would greatly appreciate it. As a beginner what is the best rig to start out with that’s not too expensive but can bring profit. I’m not looking for a get rich quick scheme but I am looking to scale up a mining system but I need to start somewhere. Thank you all in advance for the info good luck and happy mining!

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can i ask what did you buy and what did it cost I’ve not bought yet but I have the cash waiting just not sure what to buy email me if you don’t wont to post it on here c_jason2210@yahoo.co.uk
thanks in advance


hello! new here from PH… new here… thanks!

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Hey so I’m trying to follow your bios modding procedure from the youtube video but am having issues.

Its telling me no supported memory found when I click to mod, in the spot were it should be saying Samsung its saying unknown. I’m not sure what the issue is.

I’m trying to do this for my rx 570 8gb msi armor OC cards.

Help or explanation would be appreciated.

Hello! From Texas 39 Been mining since 2013. Setup my own rig started with Litecoin with a single XFX HD-6950. I joined here because Vosk speaks the truth and honesty goes a long way. To the RX570 person I had better luck with the “ASUS ROG RX570” cards they had hynx and sometimes samsung memory. There is a specific setting depending on memory brand of the card when modding the bios first you need to know if it has the correct memory otherwise it probably will only work with stock bios.

Texas is in the house! Im seeking to learn, grow, implement, and start mining. I would appreciate it someone could share perhaps the basics of any mining operation (I’m going to start with 1 computer).


Do you help people start?

Hey there! Nice to see another platform

Hi vosk! im a united states marine and im currently in florida, im originally from jersey and im looking to invest in 5 eth miners that pull 720mh/s, this initial investment should cost around $20,000 just for the miners and i know some good electricians in the area to help with powering everything in my garage in my home town. i calculated that after the cost of electricity in my home sate that id make around $6,600 in profit monthly, do you think that it is a good idea that i invest this much in eth mining right now? thank you!

I’m giving crypto-mining a try again after a long hiatus, I had a rig back in early 2014 which generated some alt-coins for me that I traded for bitcoins, I think it was only making something like 0.01 BTC per day at the time, which back then was around $6 or so and I decided GPU mining was probably not worth the effort anymore when ASIC’s came out. After about 3 months of that I wound up putting my BTC balance into some longshot investments and lost it all, in hindsight I should have just saved it or better yet kept mining but oh well live and learn.

I upgraded my PC recently with a new graphics card, an RX 580 8GB, and rediscovered GPU mining, which led me here.

Hello all!

Hello Voskcoin, I am a big fan and I watch your youtube videos for about 1 year now. So I have a very important question or topic to discuss. I was offered an awesome opportunity tonight. I was given the opportunity form an investor to build a mining farm wherever I want. The thing is that I never mined cryptocurrency despite the fact that I love the world of mining and to be honest I became a little obsessed. So, the thing is that I have to make a business plan. Cryptocurrency mining involves the latest in computational and financial advancements, starting a mining business requires technical knowledge. Not that I don’t have it but I want to be sure to learn form the best. The startup money will be about 150,000 $ (one hundred fifty thousand). My thought was to use solar panels to induce the energy that we need. If I, somehow make up their mind about this thing that IT CAN BE profitable, then the startup money may be even about 500000$ (five hundred thousand).

So to make this business plan I NEED to make sure I learn everything from A-Z. How to setup a bitcoin mining farm (or ETH), every electrical component setup, cooling and ventilation setup, ASIC miner and how to connect them, wich mining pool is the best for you; basically everything. I hope you find a way to help me because this for me, Is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. I am confident that If I have the right mentor (Voskcoin) then I’ll be able to do this.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve been following your channel for a while and truly appreciate your candor sharing losses as well as success saving us all a ton of pain and sorrow. I’ve been working in IT for over 30 years and still learned a ton recently as a newbie miner. My rig is now hashing at 630 mh and I can almost consider myself a miner. Thanks Drew!

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HI Vosk from Barcelona :vulcan_salute:t2:
New to cryptocurrencies and learned a lot in a short period of time thanks to your YouTube channel
I really like your style and also Tails :grin:
I have 27 years of experience in the IT business, missed the 2017 cryptocurrency boom but not going to miss the current one :sweat_smile:
I’ll try to share my knowledge with the community and learn and having fun in the process.

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Hey what’s up everyone, I am a new Crypto Miner and Blockchain Developer. I also Trade the stock market Full Time and provide Trader Education and Tips. I’m really excited about mining and creating my NFT digital collectibles Dapp! There’s so much opportunity going on right now it’s amazing and honestly I feel like I’m super late to the party. And it’s not the cool late time frame, it’s like the movie date late time where everyone is waiting on you to start the movie and then they decide to start it without, but now you walk into the room and everyone is already laser focused into the movie and mesmerized by the story line. The movie “Bitcoin” has everyone attention so strong that no one pays any attention to the newbie and ignores his eagerness to catch up! That’s kinda how I feel right now :joy: however, I’m still here watching the movie and sat next to this really cool person named Vosk and he was like bro shhh but here is what happened, we pound fist finish the movie, everyone stands up applauding at the screen. And now everyone that watched that Movie meets up at the roller rink afterwards to talk about what they just experienced, since we are all on the same page now. And guess what, this new girl skates on over to us and is like hey sorry I’m late, I missed the movie, can you tell me what happened, we all look at each other and starts laughing! —/—Written by Simon aka Simonfuture2. Hope you enjoyed it! Welcome to my mind ! :muscle:t4::pray:t4::fire::100::sunglasses::gem:


hello world.

New to crypto, mining, and defi in general, but pumped to learn. :slight_smile:


Hi from Italy!
:boom: :boom: :boom:
Fantastic Forum!!

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I dont understan but i.m new here help me friendship