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I have watched your youtube videos. I want to get into buying some asic machines. especially the Linzhi Phoenix. They say on their website they will be sending out free updates to boost them up from a 4.4g. Will this be enough? Should I buy them? Also I watched your video to get a coinbase wallet. They want my bank account password. That doesn’t sound right. Is this how all crypto wallets are? I would love to pay for 10 or 15 minutes of your time.

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Hello everyone,

Name is Don and wanted to introduce myself. New to this world and I figured hell better late than never. I’m a retired 48yr old previous energy field operator turned gambler looking to make some passive income in the crypto world…looking forward to learning as much as I can and let my gambling winning help pay for some rigs to get this party started. I have a decent chunk of change and want to do it right…much appreciate Drew and the others who have paved the way and am looking forward to picking your brains and making some new friends along the way. Thanks for having me!

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I have a coinbase account and the only time they asked for my banking info is when I wanted to link my bank account to my coinbase account for easy money tranfer.

Whats up everyone! NYC is in the house!!

Hey man I’ve been watching your channel now for a few years. I got into mining in Jan 2018 and I’m running 100 Rx580 GPU’s. I mined on and off and lost interest because I didn’t leave my full time job and well you know life happens. Well of course now I’m really regretting that but it’s not to late. While in the bare market I did teach myself all about solar and installed my first 15KWh system this past summer. I became a distributor at the same time. The reason I’m writing is since I’ve learned and watched from you well I thought if I can help you in anyway with solar just reach out. Not sure if you will be at Bitcoin2021 but I will be there. Anyways reach out if you have any questions.

Hi,please help … is this scam?
Thank you

Hello, Tony Uno!!

Here I have watched several VoskCoin videos, I’m ready to expand my knowledge and get in on this Masternodeing and Staking. Thank you for letting me in.


Tony Uno!!

that’s a scam

Gidday from Australia!

Thanks for having me here :sunglasses:
Been watching Voskcoin YouTube channel for a while n been mining since 2017
As a technician I’ve always been intrigued by renewable and energy efficiency so recently I installed off grid solar system with 35 kw of batteries to run my mining business from the sun, This is a work in progress but its fun learning and earning a little coin on the way.


HI from NYC,
very new to mining crypto but I just came across one of your videos on youtube this morning and have already watched a couple more of your great videos. I am trying to order the hardware but all their projected delivery dates seem to be in summer. Any advice would be welcome.