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Hi there Vosk, and everyone else.
I’m in Yorkshire, England, and I’m here to learn more about mining, and possibly share advice on solar, wind, and hydro power.
Mining is relatively new to me, but I’ve been a alternative energy enthusiasts for many years.

Hi, Vosk and community. New wannabe miner here. I have some Nebras on the way
( due sometime around 2030) and a Minerdude 12 GPU rig ready to start up once I get my power cables (9 GPUs so far). I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the free education provided by Professor Vosk, and how much I respect his work ethic. Keep the great information coming!

Hello, i am Turkish, but i live in Germany.

hwllo from usa,

5 miner rigs going good. i watch @voskcoin on youtube all the time… thanks for all info and keep the faith my good man.! good luck too all

Hello from Canada, very new to the crypto and mining world. VoskCoin YouTube was my indoctrination, like many others I found myself drawn in by your upfront and personal journey and and now have gear on the way. Thanks for showing a possible way to a new income stream.

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Hello from Phuket, great vids, watch everyday. Got me going into crypto mining. What is the name of that shop in the states that sells used equip. You talked about on one of your shows. Thanks again, cant wait to see whats next