What GPU(s) Would You Buy With ~ $600?

Newbie question again.- I’ve got all the parts except GPU’s for my first rig. The frame can hold 6 cards. I have roughly $600 USD left in my budget for now for GPU(s). My head starts to spin a bit watching and learning from YouTube, hash rates, etc.

I think (but feedback welcome) my best move is to spend the $600ish on 1 card, whatever best bang for the buck card that is (definitely happy to take recommendations). With 1 card then in future months I can add to the rig and over time have 6 higher performing cards than 6 mediocre ones. Seem logical?

Assuming 1 card, something like a GTX 1080 TI or a RTX 2070 Super seem roughly in the ball park on price, used. Any recommendation on those or another option, again totally open and 100% rookie.


my pick would be 2 AMD RX 5700 they make about a dollar a day right now using 120-140 watts


Hey, I’m also new to mining! Can I ask you what did you used for your rig or how did you start your rig, id like to start my rig but I don’t know which parts or components should I use when starting.

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this is a thread a made and it takes you on my journey from complete newb to my second real rig that is very protfitable. there are pro’s and cons to both ways of thinking but the best way to start is with some hardware you already have and can upgrade for cheap just to test out if the noise and heat and extra power requirements might be an issue if you decide to scale up.


I’m partial to nvidia1660 supers…about $220-260 each(I prefer MSI myself). Real close to 1660ti performance but at $50+ cheaper than a ti. They will give a large range of coins and miners to explore . Easy enough to get 30m/sec on daggerhasimoto at 75 watts or 15 on kawpow at 100watts.


MSI is my favorite also!


My first rig build is coming up. I went with 6 2060’s and 2 1660 ti because newegg and amazon both ran out of my 2060’s. I’ll have my build posting in the next couple of weeks. I’m going hard into KawPow. Currently making about 3$ a day with 2 2060’s and 1 2080 Super.


I ended up going this route, I have 1 RX 5700 coming since this is my first build, want to get it all up and running, feel it out how it all works, then I’ll be adding on additional 5700’s. I’ll make a new thread when all the parts come (late next week) and I start building this lean mean mining machine.


I got 5 going now and just getting my debt down a bit more before getting a few more

Another place I’ve shopped you might consider is B&H Photo. They carry computer components as well and many times their prices are on par with
newegg & Amazon.

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I never heard of them thanks!

What sort of performance are you seeing with 5, either hashrate and/or $ of coins mined per day? Sorry if you’ve posted before, I’ve looked at so much mining info the last 2 weeks my eyes are crossed.

I guess you have to click the link to see the images.

I would go with 1 Radeon VII. The profits and power usage is the same if not a bit better than 3 RX5500 8BG. I have 1 and at .11 Kwh power charge I make 1.25 a day.

I said RX 5700 not 5500

if you look here the VII uses 100 watts more than the 5700 and for that you get about 64 cents of revenue. the 5700 uses between 120-140 watts depends on silicon lottery but it makes 1.04 USD. Let’s use the 140 watts there are 7X20=140 so if we divide 1.04 by 7 we get about 15 cents for every 20 watts. then we take the VII which gets 64 cents for 100 watts this becomes 64/5=13 cents for every 20 watts. meaning that the 5700 gets about 3 cents more than the VII when broken down by USD per watt.

Okay i just noticed that the numbers are changing in my photo say just be aware of that when you see some figures that don’t match but the math still checks out.

I was just going by the comparison option on Nicehash Calculator. Not sure if they are accurate at all.

Thanks, thats great info! Appreciate the images also.

Not sure why the differences in data. I just ran this comparison on Nicehash 1 VII vs 2 5700. it shows those 5700 do make a little bit more profit but look at the power costs to do it. wonder which is the more accurate comparison. Using the wrong numbers could be costing me money. :worried:

The best way I know how to do this for me anyways is I take the projected profits and divide by the earnings. whichever allows me to keep the most money is what I go with. VII is 68% and the 5700 is 63%. Not trying to argue but how we each look at things is most interesting. Also, when someone is looking for a good efficient rig it might help to also look at the earnings. IF they dropped by 50% would you still make money? both of these cards will, but a lot of the darlings of mining don’t. they would lose money if BTC dropped by half.

I will post what my 5700’s are running in a minute but here is a spoiler the use about 120 watts each or less and they make about $1 a day before the cost of electric and I can show you real numbers to prove this. this doesn’t mean the RX 5700 is better we would need someone with one to post some real world number also not just using calculators