What's everyone working on with their mining?

Seen some real cool stuff that people do on this forum from electricity generation to cooling/air ducting, so the question is what are you working on? Would love to see what it is no matter what as long as it’s mining related. This is a flat pack 4 X 2 shipping container, took me and my brother in law an hour to put together (it only weighs 400kg so it’s real light and easy to move with a forklift/tractor and a 4 X 2 shipping container weighs nearly 2000kg which is too heavy for a forklift/tractor that I have)

I have a starlink and 4 X 10kw LIFEPO4 batteries (7.5kw useable batteries) just sitting here waiting for the gov to let me put in a 40kw solar system. I am currently running an L7 and L1 at my home, atm my home solar is generating 60kw a day and they use a combined 96kw a day. I would love to see what everyone else is up to and to be honest I really need some inspiration because it’s taking so long to get nothing done. Go!


Interested in your calculations for this set up.
Also, can you just go off grid or is it building permits holding up your build?

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Here I have to have a permit for a solar array. It would be possible to put some panels on the roof of this container but law says I cannot have the panels over hanging the roof, unlike the gentleman on this forum posted pics of his solar array on top of his container because he lives in the land of the free and I do not. (this thread for reference at the bottom of comments We Bought 100 ACRES to Build a BITCOIN MINING FARM powered by SOLAR PANELS - VoskCoin / VoskCoin YouTube - VoskCoinTalk) So I believe I could fit 1.5kw on top of the container without permits of these panels Buy Green Bank 96 Cells 550 Watt MonoCrystalline Solar Panel Australia (greenbanks.com.au)

costs (all priced in Australian dollar and including shipping) Flat pack container $5,500, batteries $13,000 combined and quoted $30k for the 40kw solar. In future I will probably buy another 2 batteries which will be max capacity to put my useable battery storage at 45kw.

What about you mate you got anything interesting going on with your mining? Cheers


Currently troubleshooting over 100 miners for a client. They were bought used from another farm running vnish. They were supposed to be wiped and factory reset so we could just plug them in and update to the clients pool. That’s not the case. Not fun, but it’s causing me to learn more.


Curios to know what the overall issues are with the miners. Is it probs resetting them?

I’m finding Cryptoland to be a big learning curve.

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We have a combination of problems.

1.vnish took away the option to do a factory reset with the reset button.

2.we are learning parts of vnish sometimes stay around even after removal. The CEO of foreman software told us the process doesn’t always work.

3.these we’re over locked so I’m worried about possible hashboard damage. We won’t know until we at least get them reset and hashing.

4.40+ had static IPs set to the other farm and we couldn’t access the miner until that farms technician came and “removed” vnish.

  1. 30+ we’re hashing to a TEST pool. It would accept our clients pool in the settings, but still shows the TEST pool on the dashboard.

6.looking like 10 have bad control boards.

Probably other things I’m forgetting right now. It was our clients decision to buy 200+ used miners from this farm. But they were supposed to be in great shape with no issues. So our client spent $250k and has lost a week of profits. Just a very frustrating situation.

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i would imagine you guys could write up an invoice for your services to get them to expected operation. and once your done give it to the client to give to the old farm.

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No offense but 250k for 200 miner is shitty deal plus what you have to go through he pretty much got scammed

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250k is probably a little high. It was $11/TH. Supposedly with some factor warranty left, but I haven’t checked any serial numbers yet.

Another cool thing I tried last night is to use Chat GPT to write some code for Autoit to log into my solar inverter, read my solar production and change the power mode on my L1 based on my solar production. Pretty cool actually because I didn’t have the skills to write any of it myself


I got my panels up today.
32 x 415W. That goes off the the 10KW Sungrow 3Phase and 12.8KW Sungrow Battery pack.

System won’t be live for a couple of days yet as I have to have my single phase board rewired for 3 phase, but I’m nearly there. Then I can run these miners all day and not just on night rate power.

It’s taken sooo long. Inital install was due October, but I had to wait for my drians to be replaced and the concrete put back in.


Thats awesome mate! From memory you have real cheap off peak night rates because of NZ Hydro? awesome combo. I’ve been told I’m a step closer to getting mine done today so fingers crossed by the end of Jan I can get the ball rolling

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It was cheap - then it got hit with 15% price rise in January and additional 5c increase when I changed teh meters out for 3 phase uncontrolled. So it’s become very bad at 19c off peak, 26c shoulder and 38c peak - or to Americanise it - 12c, 16c and 24c.
I can change suplier and get 18c (11c US) locked for 2 years, but I have to wait for this install to be complete before I can change - or I’ll have to redo all the compliance apllications.
So I’ve only been running all the miners on the night rate.
I leave the 2 G1 Minis (100W), 2 ST Box (62W) and LB BOX (162W) on 24/7 as their draw is really low. Can’t wait to crank it all up to 11 next week.

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Your out of your fucking mind if your mining on those rates you would make more just buying coin regularly

Please dont use portable AC - All you need is enough natural air flowing at a high enough CFM and you cards will stay nice and cool.

God I really need to learn solar shits so cool.

:fire:clean set up! :100:

Little bit less clean after the 3 PV isolators when on the wall - they didn’t come back to finish last week so Hopeing to see them tomorrow and get livened up and the rest of the hardware mounted. Will send an update when there is one.

@Pistol_wattpool.net - I don’t know much about Solar - Just what I found on YT watching off-gridders. I had 5 different quotes done - the frist 3 were idiots that don’t listen and quoted nothing I asked for.
I have Gas water and Heat - gave them all 18 months of bills, and told them to come up with a system that generates all of it. That was before I started mining very much. Only a few months of mining were in that. Only 2 came close. Once had the Tesla battery so 13.5KWh battery @ $20K NZD, and if want more, it’s another $20K. Also Li-ion. The Sungow I got are 3.2Kwh Modules using LiFePO - I have 4. Far easier to add capacity and less likley to explode of have a run-away fire.

@Smokey024 I’m only minging on the night rate and the G1’s/STCs on shoulder. Nothing is on at 38c (24c USD). Turns out I got that bit wrong. I’ve changed the timers a lot.

Today I received my shelving for my container (I forgot to buy them when I bought the container) they are 3M long

And in a few days time I’ll have some steel bent which will be strong enough to fix to my container and hang my batteries off of (batteries are 90kg each and it’s not a proper shipping container it’s thin steel, making it lighter and easier to move via tractor and forklift)

Just pumping me up again getting closer to get the ball rolling!


My solar install is finished - but not inspected or certified. They are still doing firmware etc so it’s currently active for teh moment.

So I have the house and home office running, then I turned on 2 splt heat pumps on cooling as it’s 29 C here today, then I turned on all the little miners - 2xG1 mini, V1 mini, V1 mini plus, v1 mine SE, LB Box, 3 x ST Box, 2 x CK Box, 2 x KD Box Pro, KD Box, HS Box, SC Box, Mini Doge Pro.
So I’m still exporting with that.
2 S19s will kill that pretty quickly - but the plan is to have HomeAssistant manage the load to get the best use of the generation.
I see a cloud just came by and I’ve dropped generation to just under 6KW. All part of the fun. Looking forward to working out how to automate the load with that - but it could be 4 weeks before I get an inspector though. They will be coming back later today to shut it down till it gets it’s cert.