What did YOU do today cryptocurrency related? 📅

Simple, share what you did today, related to cryptocurrency!

Did you build a mining rig? Or maybe you’re in the planning stages and want feedback? Did you sign-up for a new crypto exchange? Did you discover a new to you cryptocurrency that you think is interesting and want to share? Maybe you just read some interesting news, whatever it is, go ahead and share it in this thread, interacting with everyone on VoskCoinTalk the best cryptocurrency forum :smiley:

Personally I am playing with this micro PC, a raspberry pi that can mine numerous cryptocurrencies! This isn’t a super profitable miner, but it is an excellent learning tool. Along with this I am compiling data on it to create a review to post onto the VoskCoin YouTube channel with it!

Let’s make this the most fun, active, and engaging thread on VCT yet!

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Still just using my old laptop but I have a gaming tower with a 1660 super and a 1060 coming tomorrow. Slowly going to try and get a duo setup to start my new side fun.

finished my first rig yesterday and working on expansion today


11x 1660 supers and 5 more to go, doing a decent job mining RVN


I collected tokens on discord bot and waited for a transaction to go by and it still didnt its been there 3 days

Got another GPU to add to my AMD RX 5700 rig


Showing the fam how to use wallets

when are we going roller blading?! lol :smiley:

I did some research on the handshake HNS ASIC miners, working on a video for them right now, and broke out this little atom FPGA miner to start working on a review for that as well

5/29/20 what did we do in cryptocurrency related today?

We had a few minutes so we put together a few videos for our YT channel. We did a how to, a RGL (remote garden location) update, we also have pretty amazing data from some solo mining. Remember solo mining is “NOT RECOMMENDED”

2020-05-29 19_28_55-#mining-chat
2020-05-29 19_29_07-#mining-chat

I wish I had 30 GH/s under our helm all the time. Well we don’t but we were able to use www.miningrigrentals.com to test what it would be like mining SOLO ETHEREUM.

We love our EVGA RTX 2060 SUPER. Not only can we do some mining with this gaming/ editing rig within seconds with www.awesomeminer.com but we can run some serious zoom meetings. We look forward to finishing up this latest how to!

SOLO MINING ZEC IS NOT RECOMMENDED!! I will say this though we crush blocks with our z9minis. We also rented a little hash on SOLO ZEC over at www.2miners.com .

Solid day for us in the space! As always thank you for having us and we are so glad to be here.

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Got some new fans today they look sweet!


Those do look cool, what make/model?

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i am a sucker for RGB. looking good

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I had posted it in my Rig thread I want to find a way to post a video of them so you can really see how badass they are I was about to make a YouTube channel just for this purpose lol


YT is definitely going to be the best option, no video options for the forum because video is typically large file sizes. Even the pictures alone start to add up pretty quickly in the database size – but yeah shoot a quick video and post the YouTube video link! It’ll automatically embed into VoskCoinTalk


Today i’ve stopped my 2 PCs from mining due to extreme weather, powergrid is fluctuating alot.

while this passes, i educate myself on new coins and more efficient ways to mine, and better coin to mine for profitability :slight_smile: (been mining RVN for a week now with 1xRTX2060 1xGTX1080 1xGTX1050Ti total of 50ish MH/s

I switched back to Ravencoin today from Beam just because I can use half of the electricity not lose any hash power.

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Setup two VPS’s in order to compare an exact amount of cryptocurrency coins against each other to see if via their blockchain if staking or running a masternode is more profitable. This is on the Energi NRG 3.0 platform and you can follow along here if you’re interested.

Often times research like this is just done on my end and never really posted anywhere since bitcointalk consistently began deleting my threads and posts, censoring me, and even banned me for ~a week this year. This is why I’m super excited to be able to engage with everyone here and share more of the behind the scenes style research and hope you all share that here as well!

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Unboxed the Goldshell HS1 plus, it’s basically a 2x as powerful version of the original Goldshell HS1 HNS Handshake ASIC miner.


Bought some gsx coins.

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Recently received the BC Vault Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hardware wallet in quicksilver and gunmetal to review. They even engraved VoskCoin on the BC vault gunmetal wallet! These look awesome in person.

Have you guys heard of the BC vault hardware wallets yet? If yes then where?

fixed up my very first server PSU onto my existing rig today! first time so kinda excited :stuck_out_tongue:
have this plugged directly into the power. hope I did right, well if not I will wake up to burnt wires or bricked GPUs.

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