Converting a shed into a Hard Drive Mining Data Center

Converting an amish shed into a data center

I am taking my hard drive mining to the next level, so far I have only deployed Evergreen miners, which are plug and play chia farmers HDD mining rigs. I have several more on order, and Chia farming will become my second biggest mining deployment, behind Bitcoin mining.

So it’s no surprise I have an affinity for converting sheds into mining farms lol

for example the original VoskCoin mining shed

I’ve also been working on a 2.0 VoskCoin mining shed

This HDD mining shed would be entirely dedicated to sensitive low power equipment, again for the time being just HDD mining rigs, so it makes sense to use something simple and small, like an 8x10 shed. I think a single door would be fine and better for my needs here, and that gable vent would be removed.

I was always made fun of for my trash handwriting growing up, so I really never share anything handwritten… the digital age was definitely a boon for me, but hey here’s my ugly sketch of what I am thinking with a couple of notes on the VoskCoin Data Center Shed plan lol

The goal with this redneck data center is simple, I need it to be cool and clean inside in order to preserve the hard drives for maximum mining lifespan because if you take the HDDs at the cost of preplotted for Chia farming they are basically $250 a hard drive. If an entire evergreen miner starter kit pro was to fail it’s nearly a $3,000 loss… I plan to deploy 10 or more chia farmers of 160 tb+ by the end of 2023… crunching the numbers I want to ensure my hardware is deployed effectively, efficiently, and safely ensuring the longest possible mining lifecycle.

So far I have 320 TB of Chia XCH farming POWER! I’ve also hit 6 blocks mining chia!

How much will this data center shed cost?

Let’s make a mining farm build list with estimated pricing!

  • Shed $2500
  • Gravel $500
  • 2x Racks $200
  • Electrical wiring $1,500
  • Trench Ethernet $500
  • 2x Mini Split AC units $2,000
  • AC install $1,000
  • Insulate & seal (drywall?) $1,000
  • Air filter $100
  • Misc parts $250
    This brings us to about $10,000 in infrastructure, parts, and labor. Another obvious excluded cost are the actual mining rigs, and a PDU to deploy cleanly on the metal shelving “racks”. My cost can be reduced by the fact I have spare racks, gravel I can use, an air filter I could put in there, and DIY some components such as the insulating and drywalling of the interior.

Something, in particular, I am unsure of is the interior wall finish, should I just throw up what I know, drywall? Or explore a different material… Electricity amps? I am thinking of putting in a 100 amp subpanel, to account for the mini split ac running 24/7, and then 2x 30 amp circuits, one for each rack, which should be plenty for the very low power consumption of these miners.

I asked Grant Cermak who’s CEO of Evergreen miner how much their mining rigs use in electricity, if I round up it’s basically 100 watts. 1,200 watts at 120v, a normal US wall outlet, consumes 10 amps, but I will wire both legs of my 120v to create 240v electricity, meaning that 1,200 watts will only consume 5 amps. Deploying 12 kits is actually twice my 2023 goal. I am only planning on using 6 pro kits, which consist of 10 hard drives each, and if they are the 18 TB version, then I will deploy 1 PB of mining hashpower on Chia. So really 30 amp circuits are huge overkill but I would rather have a fair amount of electricity deployed, and simply use less of it.

I’ll hang a row of LED lights because let’s be honest, my eyesight is not getting any better with age! Transom windows should provide sufficient lighting during the day though. I will also hardwire a security camera into this building, which would consume a small amount of electricity and add a bit of cost on materials and labor, see when you really brainstorm through the entire plan and process things really add up!

My main motivation for simply dropping another building instead of trying to work it into anything existing I have, is that I have plenty of space, and this gives me full control to ensure its 100% purpose-built. I also just like buildings, and building things lol, when I was a kid I would just watch construction video after construction video, all on good ole VHS.

Please share your thoughts, ideas, input, feedback, critiques, whatever! I don’t think this is a perfect plan by any means and would love to do it once and get it right the first time!

Update 1

Mapping out a rough electrical schematic brings me to 1 30 amp 120v circuit, a sub panel breaker box, 2x 20 amp 240v circuits, and 2x 30 amp 240v circuits. I tend to always go overboard on 120v outlets, but staying focused with the 240v connections, wiring in 3 LED light bars for excessive lighting as well as a hardwired security camera on door gable side, I will also use an in-swing door for tighter security on the Chia Compound HDD mining bunker!

Video walkthrough of the initial chia xch farming shed plan

Update 2

Been brainstorming a lot, even recorded a video running through my plan with some additional brainstorming lol and seeking input from evergreens team as well as the genius gurus in the VoskCoin discord server…

My shed builders electrician sent me this electrical diagram…

I think the biggest takeaway is I just don’t have enough space, another thing I was thinking about is the fact I record videos for this little youtube channel I’ve been working on called VoskCoin and trying to get a decent camera angle when I’ve only budgeted ~1 ft on each side in the original design will be impossible lol :man_facepalming:

2 racks can definitely be filled up with evergreen miners alone when I account for some space for airflow between the units, and the original design hardly leaves me room for any sort of server rack deployment.

July 5th 2023 hard drive mining shed build update

Updated VoskCoin HDD mining shed electrical diagrams by me…

Sent this to their electrician, and got this mock-up back from him

The only changes were moving the elec panel to the left side, adding another floodlight and camera to the left side, and a dimmer to the light switch by the door. So unless I come up with anything else or someone has some last minute input… going to send this to fabrication! also decided to go up from the original plan of 100 amp subpanel to 200 amp, so skies the limit for future servers lol


Beyond degen :blue_heart:


Awesome, really thinking of doing something like this myself. Right now its on of the few ways to mine where i’m from since the prices of energy are so idiotic here.

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Conflicted on a mini split to use for this wannabe data center mining farm, I don’t want to go overboard but also would feel stupid under sizing my ac unit. The less electricity consumed the easier my final phase of powering this entire building with solar will be… Something like this?

Is it possible to just use random hardrives you have laying around? (I have a 1tb and would just like to see how this works/profitability)

That would make you around 40 cents per month. Not really worth it.


lol. $0.4 per month is pretty sad lol. I guess if google converted there servers to chia mining that would be the whole net hashrate (or however thats calculated)

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if you want to just check out chia farming it would be perfect to test the set up, but 1 tb wouldn’t be a lucrative endeavor

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Can you imagine having like 2 or 3 petabytes for chia plotting haha. So can you just connect it to a computer, install the software (if its formatted) and run it? just wondering why everyone uses evergreens (except for looks :fire: ) for chia plotting/farming

Building My Own Mini Data Center For Hard Drive Mining video update and plan

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Drew, with all the mining storage space you have built out, why would you need another shed?

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Dropping some replies/notes here

Kojakbaby1970#0611 on Discord said
Hey Vosk. Watching your latest Evergreen video, you might want to avoid the concrete slab for your chia shed if the perimeter is exposed to sunlight. It will retain a lot of heat in the summer, well into the night. That will drive up your cooling costs. You would be better off using another material that is either less of a conductor of heat or that loses heat faster. Just a thought.

The more I run the numbers, research, and think about it, as much as I love concrete it seems like either a waste of money/effort and/or simply the wrong route with this deployment.

Fully Electric on YouTube said
Vosk great 👍 update! Base on your future plans I do agree making a dedicated shed for your Chia Farming makes sense! Yes their will be a bit of cost running AC etc.. just a bit more operation cost however with the upfront capital with solar etc.. overtime it will offset all of that and in any Business their are always up front cost you got to invent and also sort out at tax time! IMO it’s a good move and that new shed can always do something else later if needed.
Encouraging to read, nice :smiley:

American Pipeliner on YouTube said
I would rather invest in your energy and excitement for mining rather than do it myself, without the excitement for mining I'd rather just buy my miners or tokens or nfts or invest in someone that has the joy of doing so... While I continue to build sky scarpers, pipelines and do what I love. Your awesome brother figure out how we can invest in your enthusiasm

I’ve always thought about crowdsourcing one of my endeavors and then just having all the earnings go back to the VoskCoin Ventures funders…

DanB (YoungOldMiner) on YouTube said,
Maybe you can talk to Evergreen mining and see if you can get one of their larger builds. Like 500~600 18tb hard drives in one 42U server rack. Two full racks would a crazy amount of hard drives at 1200 20TB drives 48" W x 42" D x 79" H, and would be 24000TB or 24PB. So a concrete pad would be needed in order to handle the weight. Power would be 8000w, and that would still be doable. I have only one 4U DIY server case with 30 18TB hard drives 540TB with 4950 plots with harvester, 217 watts at the wall. I'm looking to scale up to a full 42U server rack with 300 or so hard drives. One day, if I can get a good price on hard drives.

Definitely worth approaching Evergreen on this, it would be pretty cool to put a workhorse chia farmer deployment in the hdd mining shed that could also be monitored and controlled from within the evergreen mobile app.

Christopher Reeves on YouTube said
You're not a lunatic. Chia will be huge.

Gets me energized about chia xch longterm price potential! A lot more to sift through and compile, just wanted to drop some here while I had a spare second!


I think chia is a great idea, I just dont have the equipment currently. Good luck. Hope you make millions! (or billions whatever the goal)

Got this mock up from the electrician (not my normal one)… wondering if I should run the light bars the other way to get a better projection onto the racks… light switch needs to be moved as the door swings inwards


How many TIB are you planning on plotting in there?

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Do Chia miners create that much heat that you need a minisplit unit? An exhaust fan won’t be sufficient?

Ac is most stupid thing you could do might as well just throw money out the door there is no reason. I live in the Sonoran desert and my mining shed doesn’t need ac and I have s19s and z15 running. People just don’t know how to use air flow cold and hot wall just stupid noob shit

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Have you ever mined with hard drives? your comment loses a lot of credibility when you start saying stupid noob shit. I don’t know everything but I know a decent amount after all the mining I’ve personally done, and also toured on-site, over the last six years.


no they hardly create any heat, but at scale the heat will start to add up, I also want to put a full server rack in eventually. I have never really done a proper server rack so I’m sure I’ll learn the hard way on some of this lol

Another thought after a HDD mining call I had is about the power spike on drive start-up, if circuit is loaded, don’t want to trip after a power cycle etc… want to ensure i address that upfront.


Sorry u took it that personal but there is no reason for ac in any mining. my asic are way hotter and I’m in a desert with right airflow you don’t need it’s a huge wate of money that every day people don’t need to spend