Alibaba asic has arrived

So I got my l3++ today… ordered jan 10th I believe, received a pretty well used model… apparently for 900 us shipped to Canada ill take it… for another 100 usd they offer refurbished models… ill plug in and fire it up once it warms up and I have time to get super frustrated lol! Psu included…

I just ordered a Doge/Lite box from there using the 100% cash back on that site. It’s refunded in SC coin and held for 30 days but if it works it will be a free miner!

I hope you have cheap electricity… for my 12 cent rate, AMV says it will never breakeven (the L3++)

yea u will … try the math … for 3amps @900w per l3, @ 650mh/s with a buy cost of 850shipped. making 3-7$ per day each on nicehash. about 4 units tuned will be around the s19 power range,and make more profit , for 1/4 the cost… and ofcourse u can use even lower power then that. @BitcoinPontiff . and yes i know because im doing it since have 1 here or there . maybe another here or there … somewhere

Where can you get them?

Not from @Master3004

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DELIVERED TODAY. wonder whats in the rest @Philippe_Duco

@Dave_Wolter 850$ EACH TUNED AND TESTED and shipped from Shenzhen DURING THE HOLIDAY. delivered within a week and half to ur door. and even take Credit Card for ur safety


@Dave_Wolter contact info please

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feel free to call or text. ill be around for a while


Are you actually allowed to sell on this forum?

OH, great, more L3s.


sry. was i told not to ?> h,mmm NO ! quit harrasing me now. maybe u dont know the big ppicture and should think before speaking… im out… have a nice night

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Just passing some info, check this thread.

LOL this is nice… you have no idea what ur getting ytourself into lol

You just gave 7 reviews for L3s, I can give you 26 negative reviews in less than a minute from users that are waiting for you to deliver.


[5:19 AM, 1/21/2022] Philippe Duco: My lawyer will be contacting you to go forward with any communication
[5:20 AM, 1/21/2022] Philippe Duco: Nothing you have ever told me has been true and I am not willing to do further businesses or communicate directly to you. If there is anything else I need to say my lawyer will contact you.

trust me YES U BETTER HAVE ONE . or go find one.

and u wonder why ur childish self was blocked

i will see you sir… you wont be hearing from me till then . and dont contact me or mention me . u got my lawyers infos. contact them -

I do have one, of course. And you can keep threatening people on public, makes you look way better.

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Don’t waste your breath…he’s always right and never wrong…or is it, he’s not always right, but never wrong!? He has plenty of satisfied customers, apparently, but a lot of unhappy ones as well. Pictures of apparent good reviews and “stock” don’t condone his terrible attitude and threatening people who challenge him or the fact he constantly lies and misleads people. I feel sorry for the angry little man to be honest. It’s such a shame to be so angry all the time. There is no thread where he does not threaten someone or you can not meet unhappy people with him. Even reddit mentions him!!

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Dam dude stop the bitching leave the dam guy alone we heard enough from u before stop bring it up all you are doing is try to start shit