Hosting Service to Avoid

Just A Bit Of Coin Ltd told me I am lucky to be actually talking to them…I am looking to invest in a machine and have it hosted. Apparently “don’t need your money. Take it somewhere else” customer care attitude. Not helpful in the slightest and with an attitude liek that I am not sure how I would have been treated further down the line.

Based on my experience alone so cannot say it was different with anybody else. I will be spending my money, and consequent earnings, somewhere else.


This is par for the course, not surprised. Take your money to someone who cares about their customers.


yes ur attetude when offered help u asked for . i get to tell u to go else where . 100% dont get mad u got the boot and move on :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :grin: :grin: :v:

groan I didn’t get the help I asked for, like projections or examples. Just got told I am lucky to be talking to you. Your customer care is terrible. You don’t “get” to do anything. You chose to speak to a potential customer the way you did. For someone who said goodbye, you’re not doing a very good job. You don’t deserve my investment. I am not mad, but the opposite for finding out what you’re like. I can’t imagine what type of support I would get further down the ine if I did invest in you.


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exactly because i asked you to go elsewhere. just like anyone would do when ur being disrespectful to them after they offer to help … lol. any person of sound mind that is😉… something of support you would only dream of. which plenty know and enjoy lol. . but this is pointless . peace out and good luck

Good riddance.

maybe u should inform urself first plenty of good and plenty of bad from haters . cant be perfect thats life . and youll STILL be searching , not me. and id suggest u be careful of what u post, unlessu want to be with the others. and with that IM OUT . enjoy your day

Yeah Me too. This company doesn’t provide full customer care services than most of us need from time to time. No Hash board repair services, no spare parts, no troubleshooting assistance. My take away is they are only interested in selling marked up new asic miners.

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I wish I got the level of help and customer care you showed the others.
These “reviews” are hilarious

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That makes no sense at all. Is that a threat? Be careful what I post? You have been out and said good bye several times now.
You gave e me rubbish service and these “reviews” won’t change that. It seems you’ve also disappointed someone else as well. I’m not the first and won’t be the last. Poor poor treatment of a potential customer. This time, please stay gone.

Come on … Really. For one please take your personal grievances elsewhere. Everybody on this forum knows exactly who Just a Bit Of Coin Ltd is (Steve, he’s a good guy who goes out of his way to help people. We know his last name, address and phone #, he welcomes us to call him). And lets get real. You want to buy a machine and have I hosted elsewhere??? I want to buy a car… but I want other people to drive it…
While what you are proposing is the ultimate kick back lazy attitude. Why?? If I had a machine that made me profit, why would I host it for other people and not for myself? For a sliver on penny instead of dollars for myself? So I have the electric infrastructure, space/room and internet wiring. Am I going to mine for myself or mine for other people? Ohhh I’m not trying to get rich, I enjoy working hard for slivers of fair profit to make other people rich.

So to take a ludicrous Idea, such as hosted mining, and try to pin it on a ASIC supplier is downright outlandish, if not offensive. It’s like me being mad that SoCal Edison wont give me free solar panels because they sell electricity.

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Thank you for sharing your opinion

Oh, and he offered to host me. But, again, thanks for your opinion.

Do not even bother to read this guy’s posts. He has about 30 people in this forum waiting for more than 2 months for their orders. All of the positive reviews are probably fake or way too old to consider.

Lmao, Steven is everything but a good guy. And if you do not understand hosted mining then you should do some research on why people do it, it’s funny how you compare it to a car, makes no sense at all. You can buy a car and rent it for someone else to drive it, it is a way to earn money legitimately, unlike your friend Steven here.

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for one. u need to get ur facts right. and when u threaten people. there are consequences. which you and anyone else who had a part in it will have to face legally. plain and simple. and you and about 10 others are the first ones to see, see whose a scammer or a fake then. u will c your bs’n with the wrong one and ive had enough of it . dont forget your all a customer of mine. so my legal team knows where to go . and already has started. . just like u said in your messages for legal actions. … you and yall started it. and ill finish it . go play with someone else @Philippe_Duco


let me know if u cant find any. ill send ya a sample contract

That would be good thanks.

Oh, and he offered to host me. But, again, thanks for your opinion.

Oh no, please don’t do this!

Actually take it somewhere else. Have a good onei don’t need your money

Steven Drawdy
Subject: Re: SAMPLE

Oh right, So I should feel privileged to have someone like you take the time to try and get my business? It’s weird because I don’t feel any different.

Give me a projection and estimated costs and I’ll consider you to be lucky enough to even be considered for my investment in your company. Maybe you should consider yourself lucky enough to have people willing to spend money on your business to afford you what I imagine a pretty comfortable living.

On Thu, 3 Feb 2022 at 14:23, Steven drawdy <>

And itll be cust support taking care of stuff soon

Steven Drawdy

From: Bryan Schooling
Sent: Thursday, February 3, 2022 9:22 AM
To: Steven drawdy
Subject: Re: SAMPLE


On Thu, 3 Feb 2022 at 14:15, Steven drawdy <> wrote:

And consider yourself lucky being able to get ahold of me.

Steven Drawdy

From: Bryan Schooling
Sent: Thursday, February 3, 2022 8:59 AM
Subject: Re: SAMPLE


Would you be able to give an indication of earnings for £6k or $8k investment please. I take it I would have to buy one of the machines from your website?



SO WHO WAS ASKING WHAT get ur facts right and go cry somewhere else when u get DENIED

Please remove the images of the emails that contain my private details from voskcoin talk. These emails between us are also private. Sharing people’s private information is a breach of voskcoin talk rules and service agreement. You can post he emails but remove my personal details.

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oh now u want me to remove stuff LOL>> YEA RIGHT. nothing here is private that i posted or have no right to . You know nothing about me nor my business. and spreading rumors and lies BECAUSE I REFUSED to deal with u, is not acceptable… and im just getting started. @Schoolfit people like you who need a waaaaambulance when u dont get what u want is what make other people stop helping. pathetic

You can post the emails, just remove my personal details

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